Be a part of the newest casual running club in the metro area! The Rankin Running Club, based on Brandon MS, conducts a weekly Run/Walk around Downtown Brandon each Monday evening. Our informal group meets for fun, networking, some physical activity (that’s the run/walk part), and then some more socializing. Come join us, for fun, fellowship, networking, to stay physically active, or just to meet others and have walking or running partners.

We typically meet at the back patio of Burgers Blues Barbecue each Monday at 6pm. It’s located at 168 W Government Street. The B3 Patio is right behind it, kind of on Felicity Street (careful, that’s a one-way, going north!), right across the street from East Brandon Nutrition. Once everyone is checked in, we’ll begin the “run” between 6:15pm and 6:20pm CT.

Be sure to follow our Facebook Page, for the most recent updates and news regarding RRC.

Membership in the Rankin Running Club varies by age:

Adult (Ages 18-64): $39 (includes an RRC T-shirt)
Senior (65 & up): $35 (includes an RRC T-shirt)
*Student (13-17): $19 (does not incl an RRC T-shirt)
*Under Age 13: $0.00 (no fee, requires accompanying parent/guardian)
*Guest: $0.00 (no fee – may attend as a Guest up to 3 times per calendar year)

There is NO additional fee or surcharge for paying via credit card.

*If a Student wants an RRC T-Shirt, it may be purchased separately, or the Student may enroll as an Adult Member during the application process.

Payment may be made in person via check, or save a tree and pay online via a credit card (and get those points!).

Membership is paid annually, so your membership will run (pun intended) 365 days from when you joined. Our membership includes the social engagement with all our members (hey, we’re fun), a cool dri-fit type RRC t-shirt (just tell us your size), some special deals on our Monday “run nights” including some special treatment by Burgers Blues Barbecue (B3), our hosts! Go for a Monday run with us, come back to B3, and enjoy some networking with the group, as well as some drinks! We also anticipate having some free grub after the run at least once per quarter.

RRC Membership Fee is applicable to those 13 years of age and older. 12 years old and under do not have to pay a Membership Fee, although ANYONE (regardless of age) participating with RRC must sign our Rankin Running Club Waiver, in order to participate. We require a parent’s signature on our Waiver for any minor (under 18 years of age).

NOTE: If you’re not 100% satisfied with RRC in the first 30 days, we’ll gladly provide a full refund (minus $18 for the cost of the RRC shirt, if you have received one).

Average Runners, Good Friends, Great Fun